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View from the Top: Opower’s cofounders will be watching these five utility industry trends in 2014

  • By Barry Fischer
  • February 19, 2014

The below piece, authored by Opower’s cofounders — Dan Yates (CEO) and Alex Laskey (President) — was published last week by the technology/business news publication, GigaOm. You can find the original article on GigaOm here

5 Utility Trends to Watch This Year

by Dan Yates and Alex Laskey 

Last year brought about a number of interesting developments in the energy industry. Based on what we saw through the lens of our company’s 90+ partnerships with utilities across eight countries, here are five key trends we’ll be watching closely in 2014.

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Utility Partner Spotlight: CenterPoint Energy offers an inside look at successful gas efficiency programs

  • By Sucheta Lakhani and Aaron Tinjum
  • August 16, 2013

The interview below is with Todd Berreman, CIP Implementation Manager for CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint is 1 of 8 Minnesota-based utility partners for Opower and has been working with Opower since spring of 2010. To date, our programs have helped save approximately 6.4 million therms of gas, or $6.3 million dollars in gas bill savings, for 345,000 CenterPoint customers in Arkansas, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.[1]

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A different kind of gas boom: Opower’s natural gas efficiency programs have saved customers more than $30 million

  • By Nathan Srinivas and Barry Fischer
  • July 18, 2013

America’s recent natural gas boom brings to mind several stand-out images and stories:

  • North Dakota, among other states, undergoing an economic transformation that has seen a tripling in gas production between 2007-12 and its per-capita GDP soaring to 29% above the national average
  • The abundance of natural gas causing prices to tumble, from $12 per million BTU (British thermal units) of natural gas in 2008, to between $2-4 throughout 2012
  • Environmentalists, industry, and policymakers vigorously weighing the impacts of advanced gas drilling techniques like hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”

While these frenetic developments have been garnering substantial attention, another kind of gas boom has been quietly taking place in millions of homes across the US and around the world.

What kind of gas boom? A boom in gas savings.

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