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How much does it cost to charge an iPhone 6? A remarkably slender $0.47 per year

  • By Barry Fischer
  • September 25, 2014

Many aspects of Apple’s newly released iPhone 6 line are indeed, as the company has stated, “bigger than bigger.” From screen size to sales numbers, the new devices pack a hefty punch.

But at least one thing about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is spectacularly small: their energy consumption.

Following up on our iPhone 5 analysis a couple years ago, we returned to the Opower lab to measure how much electricity it takes to charge the latest Apple devices from 0% to 100% full. Then we modeled those results across a year (see Methodology) to determine their annual energy impact and cost.

Charging the iPhone 6 costs $0.47 per year

We found that, like their predecessor, the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus require a trivial amount of electricity:

Charging Costs

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These 3 heat maps reveal the phenomenal data stream at the heart of the smart grid

  • By Casey Davis-Van Atta
  • September 4, 2014

We write often about the tidal wave of smart meter data that’s sweeping across the globe — how big it is, who’s benefitting from it, and all the good it can do for utilities and their customers.

What we don’t often cover is the sheer technical challenge of transforming hundreds of billions of smart meter reads into valuable insights. It’s a topic we intend to explore in the months ahead, beginning today with a deep dive into a platform tool that Opower developed to process and analyze AMI data when it arrives at one of our data centers.

Let’s start by looking at a highly populated region in the American Midwest. Smart meter installations here have grown at a furious pace — increasing five-fold in little more a year.

midwest smart meter growth

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This is what Tesla owners are doing while you sleep

  • By Barry Fischer and Ben Harack
  • July 2, 2014

By day…electric vehicles are taking the world by storm: their sales are doubling every year, their fuel efficiency is off the charts, and some of them can even accelerate from 0-60 mph about as fast as you can say Elon Musk.

By nightthe electric vehicle (EV) community continues to make waves. While you are in bed dreaming about how some day you too might own an electric car, many EV owners are doing something dramatic; something unusual; something that is reshaping the energy landscape.

They are using gobs of electricity.

Average power consumption climbs to 4x above typical

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