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What is Wizardvan? How Opower engineers are emerging as key players in the Open Source Software community

  • By Jon Beckham and Greg Poirier
  • March 3, 2014

At Opower, our mission is to motivate everyone on earth to save energy.

We often draw upon open source software to deliver on this goal. Thanks to the global community of open source authors, contributors and users, we’re able to use innovative tools that strengthen our own internal processes as well as our data-driven programs with Opower’s utility partners. Our infrastructure runs on Linux, our operational systems are almost entirely open source, and the software governing Opower’s data architecture also rests on open source technologies.

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This is the sound of Chicago’s energy consumption

  • By Aaron Tinjum and Yoni Ben-Meshulam
  • November 20, 2013

Recently, we blogged about Opower’s 7th Innovation Day. Twice-a-year, everyone at Opower takes a break from their typical work and focuses on harnessing our collective talent to break new ground. The mission is to promote community, creative thinking, and freedom from any organizational hierarchy. 

This Innovation Day, which took place in late October, featured many cutting-edge projects. One in particular that caught our eye involved a team turning energy data into music. And it turned out pretty cool. 

Chicago in the Wintertime

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Saving energy by design: how simple considerations by web designers can shrink the Internet’s energy footprint

  • By Justin Secor
  • June 21, 2013

Hey, fellow web designers and developers: we all have a serious flaw. This flaw has far-reaching consequences, has persisted undetected for a long time, and permeates every one of our day-to-day duties — from drawing wireframes to writing code.

We’re wasteful.

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