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This neat data algorithm unlocks the power of smart grid technology—without using smart meters

  • By Justin Spradlin, John Vint, and Barry Fischer
  • July 29, 2014

Smart meters continue to transform the global utility landscape, offering cutting-edge features for energy providers and consumers alike — from outage detection to real-time consumption feedback.

In the US alone, the number of installed smart meters has approximately quadrupled over the past 5 years. These meters are collectively generating more than 1 billion usage data points every day — enabling vital data insights for utilities and their customers.

The smart grid is growing fast in other regions, too. European Union member states have collectively invested around 4 billion USD across hundreds of smart grid projects over the past decade. The UK is targeting nationwide smart meter coverage by 2020. And Japan’s largest electric company is working to equip all 27 million of its customers with advanced meters.

As projects like these unfold, smart meters are becoming the industry norm. But some regions are farther ahead than others. The Edison Electric Institute predicts that by 2015, only around half of US states will have smart meter penetration rates higher than 50 percent.

Smart Meter Penetration by 2015

Some states are farther ahead than others with smart meter installations. (Source: IEE Edison Institute, August 2013)

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Need to track hundreds of billions of data points? These Opower engineers’ Open Source software can help.

  • By Jan Mangs and Uday Jarajapu
  • May 1, 2014

CloudComputerLast month, our colleague Greg Poirier wrote about Opower’s innovations with Open Source software, and specifically Wizardvan — an Opower open-source contribution that helps organize computational metrics on a large scale.

Today we’ll discuss a similar innovation that Opower developed and everyone can now use thanks to the nature of Open Source contributions. As our colleagues have previously mentioned, Open Source software is so valuable because the larger the community there is using it and working on it, the better it becomes.

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What is Wizardvan? How Opower engineers are emerging as key players in the Open Source Software community

  • By Jon Beckham and Greg Poirier
  • March 3, 2014

At Opower, our mission is to motivate everyone on earth to save energy.

We often draw upon open source software to deliver on this goal. Thanks to the global community of open source authors, contributors and users, we’re able to use innovative tools that strengthen our own internal processes as well as our data-driven programs with Opower’s utility partners. Our infrastructure runs on Linux, our operational systems are almost entirely open source, and the software governing Opower’s data architecture also rests on open source technologies.

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