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She manages Alaska’s first ever behavioral energy efficiency program. Here’s why she’s passionate about it.

On a per-person basis, Alaska spends more money on energy consumption than any other state. Every year, Alaska’s per-capita expenditure on energy use is a wallet-popping $10,692. But worry not: innovative efforts are underway that are primed to trim that number.

One of Alaska’s leading utilities, Chugach Electric, is helping pave the way. Last year, the member-owned utility launched the state’s first ever behavioral energy efficiency program. In partnership with Opower, Chugach empowered its members with a comprehensive energy insights web portal that helps them better understand their energy consumption and gives them personalized advice on how to use less. The program is funded by the Alaska Energy Authority’s “Biggest State to Biggest Saver” grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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His job is to engage 1.6 million utility customers in three states. Here’s how he does it.

The Northeast US boasts some of the most energy efficient states in the nation. Ranking among them are Massachusetts (#1), New York (#3), and Rhode Island (#6) — according to a recent industry report.

How do these states — and the utilities that serve them  – perform so well when it comes to achieving energy efficiency?

To a large degree, it’s people like National Grid’s Tom Baron, and other utility innovators like him who are bringing innovative energy-saving solutions to millions of energy consumers across the region.

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Powered up: action-packed Opower user conference comes to a close, paves way for utility innovation

As Opower’s user conference came to a close yesterday in Miami Beach, a consensus emerged among the 200+ participants: the future of utility innovation is as bright as the Floridian sun that shone over the event all week.

PowerUp 2014 was a unique opportunity for Opower and its utility partners to learn, collaborate, and break new ground in the areas of customer engagement, energy efficiency, and behavioral science.

And from opening to close, PowerUp 2014 participants did just that. Utility innovators presented real-world case studies and insights; energy managers and marketing experts provided feedback to Opower on future product development ideas; thought leaders from politics and academia offered fresh strategies on how to connect with customers; and all attendees took advantage of plentiful opportunities to network in a relaxed setting, which even included testing their skills at an energy trivia night.

Opower- PowerUp Day 3

Rebecca Craft (Director of Energy Efficiency at Con Edison) shared how her utility is using smart thermostats to manage peak demand in New York

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