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Illinois’ largest electric utility is using data and technology to put their customers first. Here’s how.

Since 2009, ComEd has partnered with Opower to bring valuable data insights and energy management tools to millions of residential utility customers across Chicago and northern Illinois.

And the electric company continues to make significant investments in technology, analytics, and operations to offer their customers a high-quality experience around the clock and throughout the year.

To learn more about how ComEd is putting their customers at the core of the company’s business strategy, we recently caught up with Jana Jones — a Senior Program Manager at ComEd who develops strategies for the utility’s customer engagement and residential energy efficiency programs. In partnership with Opower, Jana manages ComEd’s Home Energy Reports program, reaching 1.5 million homes in the utility’s territory.

Here’s what Jana had to say about how ComEd is using technology, behavioral science, and other strategies to remain a customer engagement leader in the utility industry.

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This Opower product manager is combining her passion for innovation and the environment to produce big results

About the Double Bottom Line series: At Opower, pursuing a double bottom line — measuring ourselves by our environmental performance in addition to our financial performance — is a major part of our company DNA. In this series, we’ll be highlighting Oployees across the company who share what working at a double-bottom-line company means for their everyday work — and what it means to them personally.

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JulietJuliet Rothenberg is a Product Manager based in our San Francisco office. She works with a cross-functional team to define and build Opower’s products.

What do you do at Opower?

I’m a product manager on the engineering team known as “Epiphyte.” In nature, an epiphyte is a plant that relies on other plant life for structural support, helping create a rich and vibrant ecosystem. At Opower, Team Epiphyte is similar: it’s an innovation team that relies and expands on software infrastructure that other teams have built in order to design, test, and build new products and to explore new markets.

Your credentials are off the charts. You hold a law degree from Harvard and did energy technology work at MIT. What motivated you to join Opower?

I feel very fortunate to be at Opower. It’s a place where I get to work alongside tremendously talented peers to help the world save energy.

Upon graduating from law school, there were three main things I was looking for in a company. The first was a strong double-bottom-line focus, and a team of founders that I trusted to uphold that focus. My early interactions with our CEO and President convinced me that Opower’s environmental mission is a key factor in each decision they make — and every interaction I have had with them since then has confirmed that.

The second thing I was looking for was a powerhouse team, to create a place where I could learn and launch my career. And the third was a role that would allow me to grow my skills, and that I would find intrinsically exciting. I’m delighted to have found all of these here at Opower.

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Are you a behavioral science pro? Test your knowledge with this snap quiz.

At Opower, our mission is to motivate everyone on Earth to save energy. To do so, we apply the principles of behavioral science to help customers save energy the whole year round. And especially during periods of peak energy demand.

As we’ve previously noted of the peak demand challenge, only 5% of residential customers participate in utility sponsored demand response programs today. So, how can utilities motivate the remaining 95% of customers to join in?

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