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Happy April Fools Day! Celebrate with these 10 energy jokes that are as corny as ethanol.

  • By Barry Fischer
  • April 1, 2014

We take a quick pause from our regular programming to provide some energy-related humor on April Fools Day.

Here are 10 energy jokes of which we hope you will like at least one. Thanks to folks from across the Opower team for contributing these 100% clever, 85% corny, and, believe it or not, mostly original quips.

Where’s the best place to buy electrical equipment?


How are solar installers able to remember every single solar panel they’ve installed?

They have a photovoltaic memory.

How do astronauts keep warm?

With a space heater.

How do renewable energy advocates keep warm?

They wear a geothermal.

What happens when two energy consumers want to get married?

Utility customer engagement.

What was that movie with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, where they’re chatting at the hotel bar about how 7% of US electricity production gets lost in the wires between the power plant and the end-user? 

Lost in Transmission.

Kids these days seem to want to spread out and move all over the country. How can you explain it?

Distributed Generation.

What’s the similarity between petroleum and library encyclopedias?

They’re both non-renewable resources.

How do thermostat experts keep their hair looking nice?

Air Conditioner.

Did you hear that you can now power your car with bourbon instead of gasoline?

Just kidding, April Fuels Day.

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