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Announcing the next version of Opower’s cloud-based platform, Opower 5: Flex

  • By Roderick Morris
  • February 27, 2014

Today — before an audience of more than 200 utility leaders and Opower employees from around the world at the PowerUp conference in Miami, Florida — Opower announced the newest version of our technology platform, Opower 5: Flex.

The result of deep investments in engineering and analytics capabilities, Opower 5: Flex will be the underlying engine that drives all of the Opower solutions, including Energy Efficiency, Customer Engagement, Demand Response, and Thermostat Management. Major enhancements in the Flex release focus on three areas: business intelligence, web extensibility, and message targeting.

Opower 5: Flex is optimized for large amounts of time-series data and analytic processing, and can run analytics on billions of meter reads per minute to deliver customer and utility insights in real time. Enabling these platform capabilities is Opower’s continued investment in service-oriented architecture built on open source technologies including Apache Hadoop, HBase, and Hive.

Opower 5: Flex provides upgrades across Opower’s entire underlying technology platform

Enhanced visibility and insights 

In response to utilities’ rising interest in understanding trends in program performance and customer behavior, Opower has launched CustomerIntelligence. The new service is a business intelligence tool that aggregates customer information from multiple utility systems, third-party sources, as well as data on customer interaction with Opower’s digital channels. Customer Intelligence can be coupled with utilities’ custom-designed market segmentation strategies, to uncover behavioral insights that are relevant to other marketing and customer outreach activities.

More flexibility for utilities

Enhancements in Opower 5: Flex enable utilities to further customize content, design, and functionality to support their business goals. Using the platform’s Extensible Web Framework, utilities can develop new functionality with simple JavaScript changes, powered by more than 35 integrated APIs. Additionally, Opower’s network of Certified Developer Partners — including Carbon Five, Intridea, and SCV Soft — are now available to develop customized solutions for each client using these new capabilities.

Greater personalization behind every application

Based on extensive client feedback, Opower has built Visual Segmentation on Opower 5: Flex, a first-of-its-kind graphical user interface enabling rapid development of new customer segments across hundreds of variables. These segments are constantly updated to reflect nightly data feeds, and are built to enable millions of personalized experiences.

The platform’s upgraded data and behavioral science capabilities better enable utilities to measure how homes and businesses behave, tailor the user experience to them, and personalize outreach and communications. It’s designed to give utilities the visibility, choice, and speed required to generate the right experience for every single customer in their territory.

Opower 5: Flex Benefits All Solutions

All 93 Opower customers are being seamlessly transitioned onto the new Opower 5: Flex platform and will have immediate access to its improvements in visibility, flexibility, and personalization. The platform lays the foundation for continued co-innovation between Opower and its network of utility partners worldwide.

For more information, check out the Opower 5: Flex press release.

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