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Employee Spotlight: Justin Secor, come on down!

  • By Barry Fischer
  • November 18, 2013

Justin Secor is web designer and developer at Opower’s headquarters in Arlington. He serves a variety of important functions on Opower’s User Experience (UX) team, including designing Opower’s products and prototyping new features.

He also recently penned an insightful blog post on how simple design considerations can help reduce the Internet’s energy footprint. 

What do you do at Opower?

I work on the User Experience team, where we design the interactions, interfaces, and aesthetics of Opower’s products. I have a variety of roles on the team, so on any given day you might find me prototyping a new feature for user testing, wireframing an interface for an internal tool, or sketching out new ideas to help our users be efficient and save money.

What’s an example of a product or feature that your team is working on? Why is it exciting? 

Recently we’ve been exploring ways to localize our home energy reports for international users, which has been great fun. Different cultures respond to aesthetics and iconography in different ways, and in some markets we’ve been testing home energy reports that leverage the storytelling power of illustrations. I’m always doodling through meetings, so it was exciting to help prototype a more illustrative report experience.

Illustration concepts for international user testing, designed to supplement energy efficiency tips and recommendations.

What’s the best part about being on Opower’s User Experience team?

I love that we get to solve real-world problems, and being able to say that our products not only help utility companies meet their efficiency goals, but also help real people save money on their utility bills. By empowering our users change their behavior, we’re reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, lowering our carbon footprint, and building healthy habits for the future. Designing with that impact in mind is incredibly fulfilling.

How fast can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

My personal best is 47 seconds. I’m trying to get it below 30, which requires a lot of muscle memory and fast recognition of patterns. Almost everyone at Opower has a quirky hidden talent, and a normal day in the office means seeing several jugglers, at least one person on a unicycle, and someone balancing objects on her head.

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