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Boston is crowned America’s leading city on energy efficiency

  • By Barry Fischer
  • September 18, 2013

Boston Tea Party in 1773, very wasteful. Boston today, impressively efficient.

In an extensive report published yesterday by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Boston won top honors among America’s 34 largest cities — for its comprehensive efforts to reduce energy consumption.

The ACEEE 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard evaluated each city’s energy efficiency activities across five key areas: buildings, transportation, energy and water utility programs, local government operations, and community-wide initiatives.

Out of 100 possible points, Boston earned the highest overall score of 76.75, beating out Portland, OR (70), San Francisco (69.75) and New York City (69.75). At the category level, Boston led the pack in community-wide initiatives, based in part on its campaign to shave citywide electricity demand by 200 megawatts by 2017. It also tied San Francisco for first-place in utilities and public benefits programs. Opower is proud to have long-standing partnerships with utilities in both of those cities to help promote electric efficiency, natural gas efficiency, and widespread engagement with energy use data.

Boston leads the pack in ACEEE’s 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Boston’s victory in the City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, though well-deserved, isn’t terribly surprising — considering that it is the largest city in one of the most proactive states on energy efficiency. In both 2011 and 2012, Massachusetts was ranked by ACEEE as the nation’s leading state in energy-saving policies and programs. 

For more information on US cities’ pioneering work — and also areas for improvement — in the realm of energy efficiency, check out ACEEE’s full 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard here.

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