Alex Laskey tells TED: “Our most overlooked sustainable energy resource is in this room”

Today I am immensely excited to share my co-founder Alex Laskey’s TED talk, entitled “The Psychology of Saving Energy,” delivered earlier this year in Long Beach. On the TED 2013 mainstage, Alex shares our story and discusses how the world can harness behavioral science to save energy at scale.

Alex delivered a phenomenal presentation — full of humor, eye-opening statistics, and charisma. He fit right in with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, famed entrepreneur Elon Musk, and two-term Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Congratulations to Alex and especially to our 85 terrific utility partners, whose efficiency programs continue to demonstrate the enormous power of behavioral science in moving the world toward a more sustainable energy future.

Hope you enjoy the talk!

Opower Author
Dan Yates /

Dan is Opower's cofounder and CEO.