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Opower achieves its second terawatt-hour of energy savings

  • By Katie DeWitt
  • January 24, 2013

Opower reached a major company milestone this week – our behavioral energy-efficiency programs have now cumulatively achieved two terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy savings worldwide.

While it took four years to achieve our first TWh of savings, this announcement comes only nine months since then. It’s a testament to our exponentially growing scale (both in terms of our market reach and our proven approach to reducing energy consumption) and our incredible utility partners.

2 TWh (equal to 2 billion kilowatt-hours) sounds like a lot, but what does it really mean? Here are some equivalencies that put the number in more accessible terms. Each example is equal to 2 TWh:

–       Taking all the homes in a city the size of 400,000 people off the grid for a full year (think cities the size of Sacramento, Atlanta or Kansas City)

–       Removing 300,000 passenger vehicles from the road for a full year

–       Preserving 10,500 acres of forest from deforestation (in terms avoided  greenhouse gas emissions)

-       Keep the lights on at the stadium, fan experiences, and player hotels for the next CDXLIV Super Bowls (that’s 444 Super Bowls)

-       Delivering 1.8 billion riders on the New York subway, powering it for all of 2013

-       Delivering all the electricity needed by the London Underground for the next 20 months

-       Unplugging Facebook from the grid for the next 4 years

It also means $220 million in energy bill savings for families and businesses across the country.

A common question with energy savings measurement and verification is how to calculate something that is not being used (scientist and environmentalist Amory Lovins even coined a term –  “negawatt,” the opposite of megawatt – to represent a unit of conserved energy). To quantify the energy savings achieved by Opower programs, we follow a rigorous scientific test-and-control methodology that’s been verified by fifteen trusted third parties including KEMA, Navigant & Yale University.

We’re celebrating this milestone not just as a company accomplishment, but also for the growing opportunity it represents for energy efficiency programs to have a massive impact on energy consumption across the globe. You can read the official press release about Opower’s 2 TWh achievement here.

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