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95 utilities just achieved 6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy savings. This tech made it possible.

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9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow?

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How much does it cost to charge an iPhone 6? A remarkably slender $0.47 per year

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Greentech Media: Opower is ‘shaping the power sector’s imminent transformation’

  • By Casey Davis-Van Atta
  • April 24, 2015


Here’s a little good news to close out the week: Opower was just named one of the most innovative firms in energy.

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VIDEO: How one Washington utility is keeping pace with Nordstrom and Amazon

  • By Barry Fischer
  • April 22, 2015


Washington state is renowned for companies that deliver world-class customer experiences — from Nordstrom, to Amazon, to Starbucks.

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The history of utility enterprise software, explained in 3 minutes

  • By Casey Davis-Van Atta
  • April 16, 2015


“Software is eating the world,” Marc Andreessen famously quipped in the Wall Street Journal. The celebrated venture capitalist and founder of Netscape was, in 2011, making reference to companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Skype, which were taking traditional, brick-and-mortar industries — retail, video, music, advertising, and telecoms, respectively — and transforming them into software industries.

One industry was conspicuously absent in Andreessen’s essay: ours.

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