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Nearly 100 utilities have invested in Opower’s tech. Now they’ve unlocked $1 billion in savings for their customers.

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9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow?

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How much does it cost to charge an iPhone 6? A remarkably slender $0.47 per year

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Why do dynamic pricing programs flop?

  • By Nick Payton
  • July 2, 2015


In 1898, William Barstow proposed time-of-day pricing at the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies. His proposal was rejected.

Fast forward more than a century, and dynamic pricing still hasn’t taken off. Less than three percent of American households are on time-of-use rates. But thanks to a few innovators, that’s starting to change.

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9 ways to build better customer experiences: how E.ON UK beat the odds

  • By Casey Davis-Van Atta
  • June 29, 2015

In 2012, customer satisfaction hit rock bottom for Britain’s utilities. Years of high bills and poor service had eroded consumers’ trust in their energy companies. More and more families were switching providers. And as a result, customer service costs were headed through the roof for utilities like E.ON UK.

Anthony Ainsworth, E.ON UK’s Marketing Director, picks up the story in the video above. “As a fairly new management team, we said enough’s enough. We figuratively pushed the reset button, and we said let’s do something differently here. So we set ourselves on a path to improve customer satisfaction.”

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5 reasons utility innovators are already signing up for PowerUp 2016

  • By Kayla Bauhaus
  • June 22, 2015


Last spring, more than 300 utility leaders joined us in Miami Beach for our annual innovation summit, PowerUp. It was a chance for some of the brightest minds in energy to meet up, make connections, and share solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in our industry.

It was also a lot of fun.

This March, PowerUp is back — and we want to see you there. In case a few days in the Sunshine State isn’t incentive enough, consider this your inside scoop on what to expect when the conference kicks off early next year.

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